Toyota Mirai Goes Back to the Future at SEMA [Video]

2016 Toyota Mirai Back to the Future Concept
2016 Toyota Mirai Back to the Future Concept

For those who may have been living under a comfortable rock these days, the Back to the Future trilogy of movies is hot right now, as this is the year when Doc Brown and Marty McFly went to the future from 1985.

Toyota is jumping all over that, and they have created a one-off concept version of the hydrogen-fuel-cell Mirai that pays homage to the classic movies. They teamed with MV Designz to create a special two-door, gull-wing version of the Mirai inspired by the DeLorean that famously served as the time machine, and it’s on display at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

2016 Toyota Mirai Back to the Future Concept

To create the concept, the Mirai needed to be converted from a four-door sedan to a coupe, which required more bracing for the roof, as the B-pillars have been eliminated for a clear glass greenhouse. The gull-wing doors are supported with heavy-duty struts to handle the weight and to keep them upright when opened.

Additionally, the BTTF (that’s Back to the Future for all non-nerds out there) concept is painted in a brushed aluminum paint that is meant to look like the stainless steel panels on the DeLorean. It also has custom 19-inch infinity LED wheels, blue LED lighting throughout the interior, a heads-up clock display, a tablet replacing the original infotainment screen, and a flux capacitor in the center console.

Toyota Mirai Back to the Future Concept - 2015 SEMA

The back end of the BTTF concept slides out to reveal a “Mr. Fusion,” a home nuclear reactor from the film that was used to power the time circuits of the DeLorean – a modification done in the future, of course. In the film, garbage was used to create energy, which is similar to how landfill gasses are used to create hydrogen to power cars like the Mirai.

Check out the full TFLcar video of the Back to the Future Toyota Mirai concept at SEMA: