Motor Mountain USA Visits Maryland, the Birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner [Video]

Emme and Nathan in Maryland

The best crabs in the world can be found in Maryland, but you won’t find them at the state’s highest drivable point – Hoye-Crest on Backbone Mountain. Getting to the highest point, 3,360 feet above sea level, isn’t the easiest road to travel. Thank goodness for the fully capable Jeep Wrangler and a good set of tires.

This week’s epic American journey brings the TFLCar team to Maryland. A state that has a little bit of everything – farmland, beaches, big city life, and some rugged mountain wilderness. Home of the Mason-Dixon Line, the team travels north to the mountainous region of the state and encounter lots of interesting things along the way.

One of the best ways of experiencing America first hand is hitting the open road with the windows down and top off in the 2015 Jeep Rubicon Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock. The Motor Mountain USA (#MMUSA) team embarks upon an epic road trip by visiting the highest drivable roads of every state in the USA. Along the way Nathan, Roman, Andre and Emme will visit locales less traveled and uniquely American attractions that make the United States one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations.

mmusa maryland garmin coordinates

Check out this episode of the Motor Mountain USA as the crew and a special guest discover some of the great things the state of Maryland has to offer.

The Maryland belt buckle is hidden close to the Hoye-Crest high point. Watch the video below to learn the location.