What We Will Be Missing About the New 2016 VW Passat? [Preview]

2016 VW Passat R-Line
2016 VW Passat R-Line

Volkswagen is unveiling the redesigned 2016 VW Passat tonight. Unfortunately, it’s overshadowed by the TDI emissions scandal – “Dieselgate”. So what will we be missing about the new Passat?

VW says that it has new exterior and interior design. The grille has company’s new corporate face, but the overall shape and features of the car are very familiar. The story is the same on the inside. The layout is nearly identical to the outgoing model. However, there is new Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and MirrorLink smart-phone integration.

2016 VW Passat interior
2016 VW Passat Interior

The new Passat will be available with three engines. Or will it? Volkswagen press release says that it will be sold with the 1.8T, 2.0L TDI, and 3.6L VR6 engines. However, there is a current stop sale on the 2.0L TDI engines related to the TDI emissions scandal. The other interesting bit is the comeback of the 3.6L VR6 motor.

Is Volkswagen turning to the old and tried technology in the Passat?

The 2016 Passat will continue to be built at the Chattanooga, TN facility.

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