Want to be part of Team TFLcar? Submit your own Video Guest Review (VGR)!

Video Guest Review
TFLcar is looking for guest video reviews, like the one above.

Have you ever wanted to review cars on video? Well now is your chance to become part of the TFL team by submitting a video guest review or a VGR.

At TFL, we only get cars for a week to review, so we can’t always cover a car’s reliability or durability over time. We’re looking for reviews of used cars, so we can provide that information and your perspective to our viewers. That’s where you come in.

Shoot a short, five minute or less, video of you reviewing your car, and if it’s good, we will include it at the end of a TFLcar video. We don’t care if you love your car, hate your car or a little of both. Have you modified your car in any way? We’d love to hear about that too.

To submit your video, put it on a file sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox and send the link to info@tflcar.com.

Don’t put any music on your video, as it may be copyrighted and we won’t be able to use it. All submitted videos become property of TFL.

Watch the video below for more information on video guest reviews: