Jeremy Clarkson – Top Gear exit “My Own Silly Fault” [News]

Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Evans
Jeremy Clarkson, left, poses with Chris Evans at Evans’ radio show in this screen grab from BBC Radio.

Jeremy Clarkson told BBC radio host Chris Evans that his exit from Top Gear was “my own silly fault” and keeps the door opened for a return to the company where he worked for 27 years.

Speaking on Evans’ radio show The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, the former presenter said that leaving Top Gear, which he called his “baby,” left a big hole that “needs to be filled.”

He also said that he would miss the BBC, and that leaving the BBC was equal to leaving Top Gear.

“I like the BBC. There are some dreadful people in it, but there’s also some really talented, brilliant people, and if you work with them, I think it’s a great organization and I’ll never complain about it,” said Clarkson.

Clarkson said the upcoming Clarkson, Hammond and May Live tour will be “good fun” and that they can make videos without any “meddling” now that they are no longer under the Top Gear, and BBC, umbrella.

He’s preparing to take his final lap around the Top Gear track, which he auctioned off at a charity event for £100,000. He said the lap will be “very emotional” for him.

Clarkson Hammond and May
Clarkson, Hammond and May seen in London filming exclusive content for their upcoming live arena tour. (Photo from

For the future, Clarkson said that he has “absolutely no idea” what he will do. He said he’s listened to other organizations about putting on another car show, but hasn’t made any commitments.

“You emerge after 27 years and you find the world has changed, and you got to learn how the world works, which is what I spent the last few weeks doing,” said Clarkson.

He said he hasn’t had a single meeting with another broadcaster, just telephone and video conferences.

“[Leaving Top Gear] was very sudden…you’d be a fool to just jump into something. You need to have a look what’s out there and what’s the best thing to do,” said Clarkson.

He said that the door is still open to return to the BBC, saying he wasn’t sacked. He also said that producer Andy Willman is editing the unseen episodes of Top Gear and that they will be broadcast. Some of the highlights include a cheap 4×4 challenge and a classic car weekend.

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