Motor Mountain USA: Upcoming Schedule for Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

2015 motor mountain usa epic trip to highest points across the nation with jeep and turtle wax

Motor Mountain USA is well underway with the next batch of Midwest states coming up around the corner! We’re running on a tight schedule, so our visits to each state will be about one day – in and out. That’s enough time to find a ORV/OHV trail, find the highest drivable peak and to discover something unique about each state.

Below, we attached our basic itinerary for Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma for Roman and Nathan. Keep in mind: the hours listed for traveling time are approximate and fail to illustrate gas-stops, food-stops and what-not.

Motor Mountain USA

April 22nd: Nebraska!

We depart TFLcar HQ in the early morning heading from Boulder, CO to the highest drivable point in Nebraska. Panaroma Point, NE. After we get done with filming, we head to Carhenge (Stonehenge – with cars… in North America) in the early afternoon. Next stop is Lake McConaughy, NE for overnight. Let us know if you are interested to meet at the Lake McConaughy this evening.  If there is enough interest, we can have a quick meeting.

Aril 23rd: Kansas!

Departing Lake McConaughy, NE in the early morning, we head to Weskan, KS (Mount Sunflower) to film the highest drivable point. After we wrap, we depart in the early afternoon to Dodge City, KS. This is our next overnight location. Once again, let us know if you are interested in meeting in Dodge City.

April 24th: Oklahoma!

Departing in the morning, we drive to Beaver, OK. After wrapping in Beaver, OK, we head on down to the Black Mesa Summit. The remainder of the stay will be at the nearby State Park.

April 25th: Back to Boulder, CO!



We have a lot of mileage to cover during these four days, so we cannot promise a meet-up in these locations. These midwest states are mighty big. Still, we want to make an effort to meet you – if you are interested.

As we move our expedition(s) away from the Midwest, we’ll have several more specific places where we’ll put on a meet-and-greet. When those opportunities present themselves, we’ll let you know with advance notice!

Watch the Motor Mountain preview here.