Prague to Pebble or Bust: The Tatra 603 Is Halfway to the Boat

Wolfsburg is the home of VW
Wolfsburg is the home of VW

(Wolfsburg, Germany) We arrived in Wolfsburg, Germany safe and sound. The 1968 Tatra 603 didn’t miss a step on the almost 450 kilometer drive from Prague. In fact, on the autobahn we had a chance to stretch the Tatra’s legs and saw an honest 160 KPH on the speedometer.

Wolfsburg is the home of Volkswagen and the fine folks at VW gave the Tatra a great welcome in Autostadt (car town) by letting us parade the car up and down the main drive. They also gave us a private tour of the Zeithaus, VW Auto Museum. The Zeithaus is certainly one of the most most interesting collections of iconic cars in Germany.

Mr. Busek and his buddy are the  TFL support team for thsi leg of the trip
Mr. Busek and his buddy are the TFL support team for this leg of the trip

Along the way to Wollfsburg, we were chased by our support team pictured here.

Mr. Busek, the former owner of the Tatra 603, and his friend are kindly running support for us all the way to Bremerhaven, Germany where we’ll load up the Tatra on the boat for the ocean journey to Baltimore, Maryland.

Today, if all goes well, we’ll bid goodbye to the Tatra for a month until we pick it up for leg II of the journey in the U.S. to Pebble Beach.

Please stay tuned for videos from the European leg of the trip and follow us on Twitter @TFLcar #Prague2Pebble for live updates as we drive to Bremerhaven today.