Trident Iceni, World’s Fastest Diesel Sports Car, Can Now Be Your For a Price

Trident Iceni Magna
Trident Iceni Magna

British automaker Trident has announced worldwide availability of the Tridnet Iceni, the world’s fastest and most fuel efficient diesel sports car.

It boasts a top speed of over 190 MPH and can go for 2000 miles on a single tank of mineral or bio-diesel fuel by using torque multiplication technology to get both power and efficiency in one vehicle. By focusing on torque rather than just horsepower, this technology can allow road cars to see an increase of up to 20% in fuel efficiency.

The unique look of Trident sports cars includes over thirty-nine bespoke, designed and manufactured components, including independent control of each car seat and oculight roof. Each Iceni can be built to customer specs creating a uniquely customized vehicle.

In addition to the Trident Iceni, there will also be the Iceni Magna (fastback) and Iceni Venturer (estate) with all three exclusive vehicles starting at £96,000 or a cool $162,000 US.

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