The cool old Cars of Ward, Colorado

The cool old Cars of Ward, Colorado
The cool old Cars of Ward, Colorado

Where do cars go to die?

If you’re not a car guy or car gal you may think the answer is Ward, Colorado.

But you’d be wrong because while these cars parked along the side of the road in Ward, Colorado look like they may be one step away from the junk yard….there are plenty of people who would love to bring them back to life.

IMG_2695For instance check out the Plymouth Valiant that may have seen better days but still has plenty of character left in the old chassis.

Or what about this old Chrysler Newport?

IMG_2682Sure, the paint is gone but the body looks like it is intact and ready for some TLC.

There must be someone who still loves these classic massive American sedans that once were the heart of the American industrial revolution.

This Fiat 850 and this Morris have certainly may have seen better days.


But when the snow melts the cars could be rescued from their wintery homes.

There are plenty of more cool old cars and trucks in Ward, Colorado.

Check out for a fun quiz where you can win a TFL T-Shirt if you can name all of the old trucks that we found parked on the side of the road along with these cars.

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