Photo of the day: Team TFLcar receives YouTube 100K Subscriber Honor

Roman & Nathan pose with the 100K youtube honor
Roman & Nathan pose with the 100K YouTube honor

It was almost a year ago that the Fast Lane Car reached the magic 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. But the wheels at YouTube spin slowly.

Today the 100K Commemorative silver plaque arrived from YouTube at TFLcar headquarters.  This is a bit tardy as TFLcar now can boast almost 200,000 unique YouTube subscribers.

“We’re so thrilled to have so many fans of our car video reviews,” reviews said Roman Mica.  “And I still can’t believe that we add almost 500 new subscribers to the TFLcar YouTube channel every day.

What’s up next for TFLcar?

According to Mica the next Gold YouTube plaque arrives at 1,000,000 million subscribers. That’s the next milestone and goal, Mica said as he and Nathan went back to reviewing the 2014 Range Rover Evoque.