First Impression: 2014 Toyota 4Runner a potent mashup of old school engineering with the newest tech

Old School design meets new school tech
Old School design meets new school tech

This Altitude Black Metal 2014 Toyota 4Runner was waiting for us at the airport when the TFL team got back from California after just reviewing the new 2015 Tahoe and Suburban.

At an as tested M.S.R.P. of $47,350.00, this is certainly not your Dad’s 4Runner.

Instead the newest 2014 Toyota 4Runner is an interesting combination of old school body-on-frame technology with the latest electronics and on and off-road tech.

Initials impressions are that it drives tall and upright. The front windshield is still almost straight up like the Toyota FJ.  This makes 4Runner tower over traffic and a bit top heavy. There’s also a lot of mass that gives the 2014 Toyota 4Runner a commanding, road-crushing, go anywhere demeanor that we suspect is not just for show.


Of course there’s always a price to pay when you have an old school rugged body-on-frame design.  In the case of the 2014 Toyota 4Runner it is 18 MPG combined. That happens to be the exact same combined number that the new but much less off-road worthy 2015 Chevy Tahoe gets in combined city and highway driving. Yet the Chevy Tahoe has a much more powerful V8, and three rows of seats.

Compare and contrast this to the 2014 Toyota 4Runner’s smaller and less powerful 4.0L V6 and much smaller optional three rows of seats. In fact, the 2014 Toyota 4Runner engine is beginning to show it’s age as it drives into the thirsty sunset.

But enough about the 2014 Toyota 4Runner’s engine, we suspect that it will easily tear up the Colorado mountains. We plan on a full off-road test, and better yet a direct off-road competition with the last generation 4Runner. Please stay tuned for a much more comprehensive video review. Coming soon to the TFLcar YouTube Channel near you.

The new 2014 Toyota 4Runner is an interesting mix of solid body-on-frame architecture with the newest and greatest on and off-road technology that we’ll certainly put to the mountain test.