Volkswagen Issues Recalls For 2.6 Million Vehicles

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen has issued several recalls for 2.6 million of its vehicles worldwide. The recalls are being issued in order to fix electric and drive-system issues that may affect some vehicles.

The largest recall involves the company recommending a change in the lubricant used in the dual-clutch (DQ200) gearboxes of 1.6 million vehicles. Currently they are using a synthetic oil but they are now recommending that it be replaced with mineral oil instead.

Affected vehicles could experience electric issues, but only in very specific driving conditions. The problem only happens in very hot, humid environments during the heavy stop and go driving typically experienced in urban locations.

Additional recalls were issued for 800,000 Volkswagen Tiguan SUVs for possible light defects. This problem only arises if a specific fuse trips and then causes a failure in one of the vehicle’s light circuits. That failure can then cause individual lights on the vehicle to fail completely.

Drivers would receive notification of the light failure on their instrument cluster immediately so they would be aware of the problem. The solution to the issue is simple and requires only the replacement of an existing fuse with one constructed with a tougher surface. Swapping out the fuses only takes a few minutes to complete.

In the case of the lubricant recall, the change will be in the fluid used in their seven-speed dual-clutch gearboxes and will be done in order to prevent possible electric problems. This will affect Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat branded vehicles. There are 640,309 vehicles affected by the lubricant recall in China alone.

Volkswagen previously issued a large recall earlier this year in China for 384,181 vehicles including its best-selling Golf. This happened after complaints regarding vibration, loss of power and sudden acceleration. The repair in that recall also involved dual-clutch gearbox issues and garnered a public apology at the Shanghai Auto Show from Jochem Heizmann, chief of the carmaker’s Chinese business.

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