It’s Vegas Baby For Shelby’s New Flagship Factory

Shelby GT500 Super Snake

Shelby American Inc. has announced that they will be opening a new state-of-the-art global headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada later this year. The new facility is slated to open on December 1st near the famous Las Vegas Strip.

This 135,000 square foot facility will house all of Shelby’s operations under one roof. Currently, their operations are on the outskirts of town and housed in five different buildings that each handle a different phase of the business.

Consolidating all their business under one roof will help allow for shorter production times and greater flexibility in the design process. It will also facilitate their plans for global expansion of both parts and vehicles.

The new facility will house more than just Shelby’s operations. There will also be a Shelby automotive museum, gift shop and factory tours. This makes their close proximity to the Strip and its many tourists even more ideal.

A move this big requires plenty of planning and Shelby has worked hard to assure that their customers won’t see any disruptions during the coming months of transition. They’ve actually set up duplicate production lines at both locations for the sole purpose of avoiding any delays in promised products.

The total cost of the new facility will be somewhere between $800,000 and $1 million, but it’s a cost Shelby believes is worthwhile. The endeavor is as much about improving operations as it is about improving their visibility to the public.

Their business has evolved into one that is much more consumer direct than it was back when the company moved from their original Southern California factory to the Nevada desert. Being close to the Strip and to the McCarran International Airport gives them huge visibility with the public they now sell to directly.

Las Vegas is one of the biggest leisure and travel destinations in the world, and Shelby fully intends to take advantage of their new location.

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