Acura NSX debutes as Honda NSX Concept Car at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

The Acura NSX Concept debuts as a Honda NSX at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

GENEVA: This latest Honda NSX Concept Car made its full European debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. It looks closer to the final car, but production will not begin until 2015.

The updated concept was revealed (as an Acura of course) at the Detroit Motor Show earlier this year. However, this is the first time the European markets gets to see the revised exterior and interior design, which remains true to the original concept.


Inside, red leather and suede, carbon fiber and a soft black dashboard greet the driver and show that the styling didn’t stop with the interior. Paddle shifters and no gear-stick, hint at an automatic gearbox rather than a manual.  There are also bucket seats and a touch screen system. In practical terms, it’s a cross between a Lexus LF-A and a Mercedes SLS. Not a bad mix at all. Just like its predecessor, the Honda NSX is shaping up to be a comfortable exotic.


Honda has already confirmed a mid-mounted, direct-injection V6 sending power to the rear wheels, with two electric motors driving the front wheels ( it is a hybrid , after all) and 400 horsepower. Honda’s ‘Sport Hybrid SH-AWD’  system will do the heavy lifting, getting the power to the ground. There will no doubt be revisions to the design as we get closer to launch, but Europe now gets to drool over the concept for a while.

There  is a massive amount of interest in the NSX as this video demonstrates.

I wonder how many variants of the NSX Concept Honda is willing to put out there before we see the real thing?

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