Is the BBC Top Gear filming an America Road Trip today featuring a Viper, a Lexus LFA and a ?

bbc top gear
The BBC Top Gear filming in America

“We shall be in many places in America. That’s the beauty of cars you see; they move about,” Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson recently tweeted.

He also  added, “People of America. We have passed muster at your idiotic border controls, and we are here, ready to play.”

This was last night.

Perhaps more interestingly Clarkson also added ,”The preparations begin” along with this photo.

Obviously, Clarkson along with James May and Richard Hammond are in America to drive the SRT Viper and the Lexus LFA on what could be an epic road trip adventure.

But what of the other cars hidden in the photo?

Could it one be a new Ferrari or perhaps a new Aston Martin?

We’ll have to wait and see if Clarkson tweets more photos or watch for the Top Gear’s newest episodes on the BBC.

Editor’s note: BBC Top Gear is one of our favorite shows. Yes, we admire their wit, creativity, chemistry  huge production potential, writing and gall. No, we have no ambitions to be anything like them, nor do we have a hope in hell in competing with them. With that said, Roman has better hair than Richard Hammond, Nathan can take more physical abuse than James May and Andre the Russian Mechanic is more surly (in Russian) than Jeremy Clarkson.

Just saying.