Photo of the Day: Where do you park your car in Beijing China?

Where do you park in Beijing? Answer: Anywhere you dare!

Beijing parking – be brave, be daring.

Beijing, China has a serious parking problem. There are far too many new cars and not enough parking spots can lead to creative parking solutions. You think New York has it tough? Nothing quite compares to Beijing, China.

This photo (provided by Beijing expat Andy Unger) shows a very creative, if somewhat hazardous, parking job.

Andy told us that the next day construction continued with the car still parked under the crane. Beijing parking is a leap of faith for some. Or, at least, in this case – someone who implicit trusts the judgement of these construction workers.

Let’s hope that the crane operator didn’t have a serious sense of humor because we suspect that it would have very easy to hoist the car up and onto local roof top.

It’s fascinating to see China grow and adapt to these new automotive challenges. China has quickly gone from the least amount of vehicles per family to competing for the top spot. Their new prosperity seems to have changed the entire balance of automobiles throughout the world. Even as something as simple as parking has ramifications worldwide.

Even Ford’s new self-parkinechnology (see below) could not park a car in this spot.

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