Top 6 Ski Cars Driven, Tested & Reviewed

And the Top Six Ski Cars are…..

What’s the best car to drive when the snow starts falling?

In other words, what are the best all-wheel drive (AWD) ski cars you buy today?

We at The Fast Lane Car are lucky to drive a different car every week so we’ve had the chance to drive many (if not most) of the best all-wheel-drive ski cars on the market.

What are our parameters for judging good ski cars? We are Coloradans that drive through the snow, ice, black ice and sludge several months of each year. We know what it is to commute in the white stuff and what it is to slap on some skis (or snowboard) and hit the slopes after work. Good ski cars need to have a good AWD setup, good power, decent clearance and a comfortable ride. They need to be light enough to scamper through the snow while being heavy enough to dig down, when necessary, for traction.

So, without further delay, here are the top 6 new cars that we’ve driven in 2012 that we think are best rides to own if you want a great ski car for snowy weather.

Check out the Top six ski cars below.