Did Smart Cars get smarter with the Smart ForStars Concept?

What!? A good looking Smart Car!? Yep, the Smart ForStars Concept is a snazzy looking ride for sure. All the same, that name has to go.

The Smart ForStars Concept will debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show at the end of October and will showcase a new direction for the long-in-tooth Smart Fortwo. Smart refers to the Smart ForStars as “SUC” – which is kind of harsh… Ah, then I saw the acronym Smart gave to the Smart ForStars Concept: Sports Utility Coupé… which they should change if the Smart ForStars Concept makes it in to production.

Love it or hate it, the Smart ForStars Concept is a pretty complete looking concept.

The underpinnings are sourced from a Smart ForTwo as evidenced by its powertrain. The Smart ForStars Concept has a 17.6 kwh lithium-ion battery making about 80 horsepower and 99.5 lbs-feet through an electric motor that powers the rear axle. That’s a beefier version of the electric unit powering the Smart EV.

Typical of concept-car interior design, this is a bit overwrought for consumer’s taste. Reminds me of a Yoplait® yogurt container.

At nearly 140-inches long and just over 67-iches wide, the Smart ForStars Concept is smaller than the entry-level MINI by a considerable margin. Still, if you look at the implausible for production interior and at the space in the boot, it looks like there could be just enough space for two more seats. The Scion IQ is 120 inches long and it has rear seats… sort of. 

The Smart ForStars Concept may help Smart/MBZ step up to the next level. It’s possible that the Smart ForStars Concept may slot in the Smart lineup as a second model and not just a unique trim option as Smart’s current American crop has. If that’s the case, they will do battle with FIAT, Scion, KIA and MINI.

I like the style and so do you. Some of us find the eyebrows over the headlights a bit off-putting, but it does give the Smart ForStars Concept a dune-buggy look right out of a cartoon. Not that it isa modern dune-buggy, but that would be a cool idea. Come on Smart, ad some testicular fortitude to your design ideas! Smart needs a few good ideas to present to American consumers.

What do you think? Is this a good look into Smart Car’s crystal ball? I hope so – they need to step up their game in this market, like right now.

What Smart Car needs is a proper four-passenger vehicle sold in the United States if it hopes to survive here. Word of Nissan’s assistance is quite welcome to Smart fans as that indicates a possible four-door/more than two passenger vehicle. If they could make a vehicle look as unique as the Smart ForStars Concept, they may (finally) have a hot seller on their hands.

Check out this video of Roman and I having fun with the kookie Scion IQ!

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