Video: Watch the entire new Christmas Top Gear India Special


The BBC recently aired a brand new Top Gear episode in the U.K.

And as always the boys, (Jeremy, Richard and Hammond) were given £7,000 to buy three British cars to travel across India as part of an unsanctioned British “trade mission”.

Can you guess which cars they choose?

We’ll give you a huge hint.

There were three cars of course which included a Jaguar, a Rolls Royce and a original mini Mini.

So now you’ll have to guess which car Jeremy, Richard and Hammond chose to travel across the whole of India, or you can just watch the entire Christmas Top Gear India special now.

You could also wait until the BBC airs this Top Gear special on BBC America but why wait when the internet makes the world so much more accessible today.

Check out the new Christmas Top Gear India Special below.

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