American Motor Press Guild names Audi A7 Car of the Year: What took ’em so long?


The American Motor Press Guild has just named the new Audi A7 their Car of the Year.

Way back in April of this year we compared the new Audi A7 to the Jaguar XFR and pronounced it one of our two favorite cars of 2011.

We we smitten by both the sexy styling of the four door coupe and the powerful thrust of the Audi’s supercharged engine.

Unlike the BMW  GT, Audi has managed to make the big four door hatchback look as silky and smooth coming and going.

And combine that delicious sex appeal of the Audi A7 with all-wheel-drive, and you have a car that looks just as good going to a Broadway show as it is taking you to the snowy ski slopes.

Check out our April mashup review as we name the Audi A7 one of our two favorite cars of the year.

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