Watch Top Gear Season Series 17 Episode 4 as Jeremy Clarkson drags the newest Jaguar XKR-S vs. the Nissan GT-R


The Top Gear boys are back again and you can watch the latest series 17 Episode 4 as Jeremy Clarkson drives the latest and most powerful Jaguar ever.

The all new Jaguar XKR-S has over 550 HP and it is built to be fast….very fast

But for less money the Nissan GT-R is even faster.

In this episode of Top Gear Jeremy drags the Jaguar XKR-S vs. Nissan GT-R. He also does some hot laps in both cars before he eventually gives the keys to the Nissan to the Stig.

So does Clarkson like the new Jaguar?

The answer is no. In fact he wonders why Jaguar has forsaken their core virtues in search of speed and more speed. Check out Top Gear  Series 17 Episode 4 below before it gets pulled down.

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