Porsche designs and builds two lame and crazy expensive bikes


Have you ever wondered why highly successful bike companies like Trek, Specialized or Giant never design and build cars?

We figure the answer is pretty straightforward: cars are a completely different breed of transportation and the bike companies are smart enough to realize that they don’t have the engineering expertise to build a good car.

Too bad the car companies don’t have the same attitude because they seem intent on building expensive and lame bikes.

Take for example this latest pair of Porsche designed bikes. According to Autoblog. “The Porsche Bike S is built around an aluminum frame with an 11-speed toothed belt drive system.”

Wow, Porsche designed and built an aluminum bike with a belt drive. It seems like 1982 that aluminum bikes were all the new rage.

Hold on it was 1982 when aluminum bikes were cutting edge of bike technology. And come to think of it the Bridgestone Picnica belt-drive bicycle was first introduced in the early 1980s as well.

Porsche_t So this September you’ll be able to buy the Porsche Bike S for €3300 or about $4750 USD. A very similar bike by one of the established bike manufacturers at your local bike shop might set-up back $1500 US.

If we do the math that means you are paying a mere $3250.00 for that very prestigious and technically advanced Porsche logo on this model S bike.

Autoblog goes on to report that, “while the Porsche Bike RS (short for Rennsport) features a carbon fiber frame and 20-speed Shimano XTR gear system. Both pack 29″ wheels and hydraulic Magura disc brakes, and an individually-numbered anti-theft label fitted under the paint.”

Now we’re talking. Porsche has gotten serious with the Porsche Bike RS and made it using the latest carbon fiber technology and of course the 29″ wheels and hydraulic Magura disc brakes.

We can’t help but wonder how much German engineering brain power went into designing the cutting edge gears and shifters, and of course the radical but completely ground breaking full suspension set-up.

With decades of designing one of the most sophisticated car suspension set-ups in the world Porsche must have gone nuts on the new RS model.

Wait…hold on a sec…did we read this right? The €5900 or about $8500. RS model comes with an off the rack 20-speed Shimano XTR gear system?

Perhaps Porsche didn’t have time to worry about the gears with so much attention being paid to their revolutionary full suspension design because Fuji and GT both build a bike with disk brakes and 29 inch wheels that you can get a your local Performance Bike shop on a door buster sale for under $500.

We’ll let you be the judge.

Drum roll please.

Check out the $8500 USD Porsche “Rennsport” bike below:


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