Video Top Gear Season 17, Episode 1: Richard blows up a Hummer in South Africa


The BBC’s Top Gear is back and in Season 17, Episode 1 Richard Hammond travels to South Africa to test out the Marauder fighting vehicle. In the process he blows up…yes blows up (with seven pounds of plastic explosives) a Hummer.

He also pulls a classic monster truck stunt and drives over a couple of cars, through a brick wall, and tries to get a hamburger in his armored fighting vehicle.

Jeremy Clarkson takes over Top Gear next, and follows up with a review to the best car he’s driven since the original VW GTI.

Can you guess what that car is?

Yes, you probably didn’t guess that Jeremy Clarkson drives the new BMW 1M and races it against a Porsche and a Lotus.

You can watch the start of the show below:

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