Video review: The 2012 Volkswagen Golf R is the everyman Ferrari FF


Let’s say that you don’t have the $300K plus that Ferrari is expected to ask for the new family man Ferrari FF. But on the other hand you do have 10 percent of that amount, or about $33K to spend on a sport family car.

The new 2012 Volkswagen Golf R could be your next pocket rocket ride.

Just like the Ferrari FF, the 2012 VW Golf R has all-wheel-drive, a sport suspension set-up, and of course enough roof to seat four adults comfortably.

BTW: You can check out the Geneva Auto Show debut of the 2012 Ferrari FF HERE.

And unlike the Ferrari FF, the VW Golf R can seat 5 adults and their stuff, plus it has 5 doors, instead of only 3, and you won’t have to sell your house to buy it. The good news also includes that while the Ferrari FF may already be sold out…the new VW Golf R will be available at your local Volkswagen dealership at the start of 2012.

Check out our exclusive first drive video review of the 2012 Golf R below, as we had a chance to test and review the car on a chilly day in Switzerland and France this week.