Review: the 2012 Ford Focus is sexy and smart, but is it fun?


The new 2012 Ford Focus is now the same world wide car.

Unlike the previous generation of the Focus, Ford is planning on building and selling basically the same Focus in America as in Europe as in Asia.

That doesn’t mean that the American Focus will get the same engine at the European model. For now Ford is only selling the Focus with one engine…the 2.0-liter four with aluminum-block-and-head construction and direct injection that put out 160 HP and gets a very respectable 40 mpg on the Highway.

This  of course begs the question…does one size Focus fit all? We recently had the chance to put the new Focus to the test in the twisty canyons of Mulholland Drive near LA.

Check out our exclusive first drive video review below to get the complete scoop on the 2012 Ford Focus.

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