Why American Top Gear struggled in season one: three words…British Top Gear


In a recent post the car blog RideLust.com swooned like a 12-year-old girl over Justin Bieber when describing the first season of Top Gear USA.

The author of the post writes, “I’m going to miss the hosts over the next few months who have entertained me the past ten episodes with their shenanigans. I still can’t believe Tanner Foust drifted an Evo on the ski runs of Mammoth I love to snowboard on.  I loved watching the Couple DeVille get completely wrecked by Adam. How about the Alaska trip? You know if you could plow over someones makeshift house you would do the same.

Yes indeed, how about the Alaska trip?

That’s exactly our point. Long before the American trio of TG presenters ever set a toe in Alaska, Jeremy, Richard, and James crossed Bolivia and Africa in basically the very same show…except that the British trio were brilliant and the Americans (at least for the first half hour of the Alaskan road trip) were boring.

And that’s the problem with American Top Gear in a nutshell.

Let us explain.

When referring to American TG Everybody always says…you can’t compare it to British Top Gear.

Why not?

You can’t except us to just forget some of the very best car reviews and challenges we’ve ever seen. That’s the point. You’re always going to compare American to British Top Gear. And here’s the rub; no matter how hard the American guys try to perfect their show, they’ll always lose that comparison.

It’s a difficult comparison that’s completely untenable for the guys on American Top Gear and yet it is at the very heart of their failure of success.

So that’s why when we curious viewers ask us about our new car show we always reply with the same answer.

Do you watch British Top Gear we ask we ask the curious? Yes of course, they reply.

Well…The fast Lane Car is the exact opposite of that show.

Judge for yourself below.

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