First Look: OMG the 2010 Jeep Liberty Limited 4×4 is SO cute!


OMG, the 2010 Jeep Liberty Limited 4×4 is SO cute! When U C this car and U R a teen, U will want it B/C it’s cute. Every girl around the age of 16 in my neighborhood loved the Liberty. It didn’t hurt that the Liberty was shiny metallic red (Inferno Red Crystal Pearl, actually), had a light tan interior, and had a “Sky Slider Full Open Roof.” What more can a girl want, really?

Well, let’s talk about that. The Liberty had a fantastic optional Media Center, equipped with every kind of music media option out there, and navigation. Standard, the Liberty had Uconnect phone with Voice Command (good for you AND your teen driver), leather wrapped shift knob, steering wheel, armrests, and also heated seats.

But is that enough? Will the Liberty’s features wear off to reveal a basically great vehicle or just a regular ol’ one? Is being CUTE a priority over a good drive or a safe drive? Who else besides teen girls liked this car?

Check back with to read my full review of the 2010 Jeep Liberty Limited 4×4 and find out and/or check out the not so cute Jeeps below as they bash Dunes in Moab.

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