Video: Tiger Woods Cadillac Escalade eventually up for grabs: SNL skit wrong

In this weekend Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit (see below) the show poked fun at Tiger Woods by suggesting that his wife ran over him with the Cadillac Escalade after she found out that he had multiple affairs.

But in real life the infamous black Escalade will be repaired and returned to the General Motors Promotional Fleet after which it may be auctioned.

Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell says don't look for the car on eBay anytime soon;

The vehicle will be repaired, firstly. This is a promotional/marketing
vehicle — the kinds of cars used for advertising, public displays,
photography, etc. That makes this a little different than a
garden-variety car repair – given its special usage. So I don't know
what will happen until that repair is completed and analyzed.  It could
return to service as a promotional vehicle, meaning it would go back
into the pool of cars that we use for various marketing activities. 
Or, on the other hand, we produce a lot of new vehicles. It's sometimes
easier to take a new car and put it into this kind of role.  In that
case, the older vehicle could be re-purposed in many ways – we could
retain ownership of it, using it for other internal duties, or we could
indeed sell it off.  Generally selling a company-owned vehicle means
that it would go into an auction
,  Caldwell recently said.

"I would caution folks from expecting that we'd arrange a special sale
of it to any certain buyer in an ad-hoc manner
," Caldwell says. Rather,
he says "if and when they are sold, these kinds of vehicles almost
always go thru a formal auction process, for a variety of reasons
,' he added.

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