Beauty vs. the Beast: The 2010 Chevy Camaro RS or 2010 Ford Mustang GT


Sometimes its not what’s under your hood, but what’s in your wallet.

At first glance it may seem odd to compare the 2010 Chevy V6 Camaro RS to a 2010 V8 Mustang GT convertible.

But just consider that both cars have almost identical horsepower with the Camaro’s V6 thumping out a heart pounding 305 while the Mustang’s V8 engine produces a nearly identical 315 horsepower.

Plus, if you consider that both cars cost an almost identical $39K as tested you can start to see why we put the two cars up against each other.

So which one drives better, which one is faster and which one would you buy if you had an extra $39K in your pocket.

Watch the video below and find out.