Video: 7-year-old steals car to skip church

Cartheft Who, when they were 7-years-old, had not thought of stealing a car to skip church?

probably not a lot of people, but this young Utah boy took the song
lyrics "Bad boy bad boy, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they
come for you," to heart just a bit too seriously.

The 7-year-old
stole his dad's car to skip church this weekend and drove it 45 mph
right back home with the police right behind him.

“His speed was slow, but erratically; and so he
would kind of scoot down lower to push on the gas and kinda sit up on
the seat more to see right where he was going,“
said Weber County sheriff’s Lt. Matthew Bell.

“People in the neighborhood are talking about this,“ he added.

And now so is the entire country as the video below shows.