Ask Nathan: Is the Alpha Wolf Electric Pickup Still Coming and Used Lexus ES 350 vs. Mercedes-Benz CLA 250?

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • When will we see the Alpha Wolf electric pickup truck?
  • Would you rather have a 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 or ’15 Lexus ES 350?

The first question comes from a fan who wants updates on the slick looking (but, not yet in production) Alpha Wolf electric pickup truck.

Q: (Via:

I hate the Cybertruck but I love the look of the Alpha Wolf electric truck. It’s so cool and retro and the size looks good to me. I want to know if this thing is ever going into production and if it will be affordable? It feels like years since I first saw it! Details!

– LoboCrab

A: Hi there.

We first mentioned Alpha Wolf about three years ago, and have written several follow-ups since then. I was worried that this slick looking pickup was vaporware, and would never see the light of day. Fortunately, it looks like things are moving ahead – and now there are rolling prototypes that are being tested.

I actually caught wind of the updates on social media, which (oddly) featured a actress commenting on being driven around in the test vehicle. While it was an odd PR stunt, I can’t deny that the real thing appears to be zooming around. That’s a burning hunk of awesomeness right there.

It gets better: since the last time I checked, the company has been playing with the platform and looks like they will build a regular, extra and full crew-cab version of the truck. Battery sizes are said to range from 65-85 kWh, and the company will use the modular platform(s) to build trucks, SUVs and crossovers. Depending on the configuration (rear or front-and-rear electric motors will be available), range is estimated to run between 250 and 350 miles.

According to their website, prices should start at $36,000 and rise to $68,000. Unfortunately, they missed their production target date of “late 2023,” but I expect them to update their site soon.

Here’s some new information:

I hope to get more in-depth information in the near future. There should come a time when we get access to the Alfa Wolf electric pickup, and the automaker’s other products. I recommend checking out their website and seeing what’s new.

There’s a lot…

– N

The last question comes from a fan who is debating the purchase of a used Lexus vs. a Mercedes-Benz.

Q: (Via Twitter/X @NathanAdlen) Hi Nathan. I guess this is a good problem to have.

I have two vehicles I’m interested in and I’m trying to have someone I respect try and speak some sense into me before I continue. Both cars are 2015 and the first one is the Lexus ES 350 with over 90 thousand and the other is a Mercedes CLA 250 with 24 thousand. I know they’re different, but I like both of them for different reasons.

The Mercedes is fun to drive and gets good mileage, And it’s a MERCEDES! I feel a little special driving it and I think it looks great. But the Lexus and it has high miles, is a lot bigger and kind of subdued. I know they don’t compete and I know that the Lexus is more logical. But I can’t stop thinking about the Mercedes!

– DreFred90

A: Hi!

There are two ways to look at this: logically, or emotionally.

Yes, the Mercedes-Benz is light on its toes, and it has that German cache. I think they are very responsive and can be a hoot to drive, as long as you’re sitting in the front two seats. Put anyone in the back, they will most likely be uncomfortable. Also, while the regular model is fairly reliable, they can be expensive to maintain.

On the other hand, the Lexus is far more spacious, even more reliable and will probably have lower depreciation – despite the miles. That V6 is pretty powerful too. Still, it wont handle as athletically as the CLA when pushed.

You didn’t mention what kind of deal you got, or whether you get some sort of warranty with either car. Will you be carrying passengers? Those things matter. In addition, nothing I can say will remove buyer’s remorse. That’s up to you and your current situation.

Usually, I would say: go with the car that makes you happiest.

– N