Jaguar Jumps on the NACS Bandwagon, Will Use Tesla-Style Port in 2025

Like other automakers, Jaguar will integrate the port into its I-Pace in 2025, along with its future EVs

(Images: Jaguar)

Another automaker signs up to the NACS standard, inching us ever closer to a new industry-wide connector.

While there are still a few big decision makers who haven’t yet jumped onboard, Jaguar announced Thursday it would join the movement to allow its owners access to Tesla’s Supercharger network. Current I-Pace owners will be able to plug into one of Tesla’s 12,000 North American charging stations via adapter, while Jaguar will integrate the NACS port into its vehicles and home chargers in 2025.

“Today’s announcement,” Jaguar’s electrification services director Mark Camilleri says, “is an important step as we deliver an outstanding charging experience for our all-electric Jaguar clients.” Notably, though, it’s a sign that the automaker will move to what’s quickly becoming the new standard. That way, I-Pace drivers won’t be left behind by sticking to CCS, though non-Supercharger networks will still provide both ports for at least a few more years.

Jaguar did not specify exactly when it would sell an adapter for current owners. Thursday’s announcement did mention, however, that it would do so “once available”. To date, other automakers making the NACS switchover will provide adapters that let drivers plug into the Supercharger network next year. From 2025 onward, new EV buyers obviously won’t have to worry about adapting their charging connector to use NACS stations.

While Land Rover hasn’t made its own announcement yet, it’s reasonable to assume that the brand’s EVs will also move over to NACS in the coming years, likely starting with the fully electric Range Rover. We’re still waiting for JLR to launch the electric model, but we have been able to check out the gas-powered model, which you can check out below: