Dodge’s Latest ‘Last Call’ Teaser is a Scream — Literally

This is one pissed off leprechaun

Dodge Last Call - Scream
(Images: Stellantis | Dodge)

Confused at what Dodge means here? You’re not alone.

On March 20, we’ll finally know what the final ‘Last Call’ model is all about. Over the past few weeks, though, Dodge has been dropping obscure clues for folks to try and figure out, not to mention a nightmare-inducing leprechaun with a serious set of pipes.

You see, this latest teaser may well be the “clearest” hint yet at this Last Call car’s performance capability. We get a few different numbers to chew on here, including “105@(3.02×2.98)” before the leprechaun “screams” into the fan and the number “1582” pops up. Some of you may be scratching your head and I don’t blame you, as I’m also a bit stumped as to what certain pieces of this clue could mean.

My eyes fixated on the (3.02×2.98) part first. Multiplying those together gives us 8.9996…could that be the car’s quarter-mile time? The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, for reference, managed a run in about 9.65 seconds (per Dodge’s figures). It took 840 horsepower to get there though, so how much more grunt could this ‘Last Call’ car actually have? Well, the development team has been pushing its powertrain to the absolute limit. So, maybe it does pack enough to shave seven tenths of a second off the run. If that’s true, this car will be a performance monster, and it’s not like the SRT Demon was a slouch…

But what about the other numbers?

Dodge’s headline actually provides another one in its title: “Scream at 215 mph”. It’s highly unlikely this car will go 215 mph, since the Demon topped out at 168. Apart from it’s aerodynamics (we are talking about a car based on the Challenger or Charger here), odds are it’s tire-limited to a much lower top speed.

The other two numbers are equally vexing. 105? My best guess is that it refers to a 105 octane rating, meaning the car may be tuned to run on E85 — that makes sense for the sort of horsepower we’re talking about running a sub-9-second quarter-mile time, if that number proves true.

As for 1582…yeah, I haven’t the foggiest, though one of you guys may have a dead-on impression of what that means. While we expect this swan song of the Last Call lineup to pack a similar or greater output than the Demon, more than 1,500 horsepower is probably wishful thinking.

At any rate, we’ll find out in ten days, when Dodge fully reveals the last ‘Last Call’ in Las Vegas.

Check out the teasers below if you want to try and piece together the mystery: