Ford Bronco Order Holders Describe “Rollercoaster” As the Automaker Makes $2,500 Offers to Clear the Backlog

Yes, the Blue Oval *still* can't build Broncos fast enough

2022 Bronco Wildtrak With Optional HOSS 3.0
(Images: Ford)

If you’re still waiting on your Ford Bronco order to make it to production and delivery, you’re definitely not alone.

For the past two years, Ford’s had quite a thorny problem on its hands. The company wants to sell as many Bronco SUVs as possible, but it just cannot get through all the reservations — and troubles along the way have led to extremely frustrated order holders.

Those awaiting their Broncos faced production delays as their orders slip from one model year to the next, and some still don’t have a clear shipping date in sight. Chris, one such order holder, reached out to TFL to describe how the Bronco ordering process has gone for him over the past year.

Here’s part 1 of his experience so far:

“I’m a long time YouTube subscriber and new Patreon (as of today) supporter! I thought I’d share my tumultuous Bronco order experience thus far. 

I placed an order for a Bronco Base model 2.3L engine w/ Sasquatch package and the upfitter switches as the only option way back on January 12, 2022. My salesperson was fully transparent with the fact that there was really no good timeline to give me and that I could receive my Bronco in as little as a few months or possibly next year, which I was okay with. 

Fast forward a few months to October 6, 2022, still no Bronco.

But, I get a call from my salesperson. He calls to let me know that Ford was closing the books on 2022 Model year Broncos and that he would have to resubmit my Bronco order for the 2023 model year. That’s fine…I know what I was getting into and was prepared to continue waiting patiently. 

What happens next is what really gets the rollercoaster started. 

My salesperson sends me text message of a picture (which I have attached) from Ford Motor Company this past Friday (1/13/2023). Big bold letters: “BRONCO ORDER MODIFICATION CUSTOMER PRIVATE OFFER”. this can’t be good, right? Four options are given as alternatives to long awaited Bronco order.”

Ford’s four options for current Bronco order holders

According to a dealer bulletin currently making the rounds, Ford’s alternatives to those currently awaiting a new Bronco include:

  1. $2,500 to modify the order and remove heavily supply-constrained items (including the molded-in-color hardtop, the Sasquatch Package, the Lux Package, etc.)
  2. $2,500 incentive to buy another Ford instead;
    • Seven models are eligible, including the 2023 Bronco Sport, Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, F-150 (but not the Tremor or Rattler) and Ranger
    • This option also includes picking a Bronco off the lot (you can get a Tremor/Rattler off the lot, if you can find one), though you may be fighting dealer markups if you go this route
  3. Switch to a configuration that can be built sooner (for example, get a Big Bend/Outer Banks rather than a Wildtrak)
  4. Cancel the order entirely and walk away

Part 2 of Chris’ story

Now, Chris is not one to be swayed. He continues:

So, a lot to think about, right? Likely, I need a little bit of time to figure things out? Well, here’s the other bump in the roller coaster.

Fast forward to this week, and I receive this attached email from Ford. YOUR VEHICLE HAS BEEN SCHEDULED FOR PRODUCTION! I’m ecstatic! I see that my vehicle is scheduled to be built the week of March 20, 2023, the PERFECT day before my birthday present! I even have an assigned VIN number, which makes it even more real!

Well, with every rollercoaster ride there comes a high and a very low low.

This morning I wake up to yet another email from Ford, the complete juxtaposition of my happy email. The subject line reads “Urgent information regarding your Ford Bronco order.”, this can’t be good. The email is very gloom and doom and goes on to explain how supply chain shortages have greatly affected my low budget Bronco. Of course, also citing unprecedented demand as another reason. The email goes on to state that in order to give my Bronco the best chance at being produced in the 2023 model year, to please contact my dealer to update my order to a “buildable” configuration as soon as possible (queue the “DUN DUN DUN” sound effect). 

So now I’m left more confused than ever. I have a call scheduled with my salesperson later today however I doubt I’ll get any reassurances about my Bronco actually being built as is in March. 

I do NOT wish to modify my order in any way and just want to receive my Bronco as I ordered it. I feel that I have been very flexible in waiting, over a year at this point, and am fine with waiting a bit longer. But how long is too long? The email ends by saying if I take no action and leave my order as is and my Bronco can not be delivered in 2023, my order will be cancelled. I’m sorry. but isn’t that ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS? 

Please let me know any thoughts or suggestions you all might have, as I am now feeling that I am between a rock and a hard place!” 

A recommendation is…genuinely tough here.

According to what we’ve seen, Ford is keeping that offer open through April 3, 2023.

As for my thoughts, I’m as vexed as you are and even Ford (likely) is. Obviously, it’s far from an ideal situation on both sides, and the automaker is working to crank out as many Broncos as it can. Unbuilt orders means profit left on the table, and any business worth its salt aims to avoid that scenario at all costs. Especially businesses accountable to shareholders, as Ford Motor Company is.

In a few different ways, you could argue the Bronco is both a victim of its own success and a case study in how to inadvertently mistime a massively important launch. And it’s a seriously good off-roader to boot — it’s just a question of whether the wait is still as worth it as it may have been a year or two ago.

So, do you take the incentive cash and go for another Ford? Do you stick to your guns, or do you walk away for something you can have right now (like, say, a Jeep Wrangler)?

I couldn’t make the decision even if I were in that situation, so it’d be remiss of me to make that judgement call for anyone else.

One parting thought I have is this: If you do stick to your guns and snub Ford’s current deal, you may outlast enough folks dropping out of the queue to land the Bronco you really want. But…are you more determined than everyone else out there holding on for the same reason?

2021 Ford Bronco

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