Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate Closes Out the Current Generation with 499 Units Worldwide

Sadly, you can't buy one — they're all spoken for

Just 499 of these DBS 770 Ultimate models will ever exist, and the order books are already closed.

Each iteration of the Aston Martin DBS ends on a special note, and this model, bookending the current half-decade production run, is no exception. And even though we ordinary mortals can’t buy one, it’s still certainly worth talking about because, well, look at it.

The “standard” DBS Superleggera is a sharp looking car in its own right, so the 770 Ultimate brings a host of tweaks for both looks and performance. You might have gathered that number refers to the car’s output, and you’re correct. This limited-run model manages 759 horsepower (or 770 PS/metric horsepower), or 44 more than the standard car. Aston Martin tweaked the air intake and ignition systems for the 7% uplift, while the 664 lb-ft torque figure remains the same.

2023 Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate

Keeping with performance changes, the automaker stiffened the front end by 25%. Torsional stiffness for the car as a whole is 3% better as well, per Aston Martin’s measurements, thanks to an upgraded front cross member and thicker undertray. What’s more, it also retuned the suspension and transmission, while the DBS 770 Ultimate maintains its carbon ceramic brakes and a mechanical limited-slip differential.

Extra vents on the hood, a new front splitter, carbon fiber trim elements and new 21-inch wheels set the look apart. Inside, there’s a tailor-made strap and buckle badge featuring the DBS 770 Ultimate logo.

The sill plaques feature the Aston Martin wings and the serial number for each of the 499 examples.

Out of the whole production run, 300 units of the Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate will be coupes. The remaining 199 are convertibles, and the automaker did not specifically mention pricing for either version. That said, your everyday DBS Superleggera starts well north of $300,000. So, for a limited edition…the potential price is up to your imagination. With “Q by Aston Martin” options on the table, the sky’s the limit.

We’ll have to see how much one of these ultimate editions fetches when it crosses an auction block. Anyone betting on at least half a million?

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