2023 Ford GT Mk IV Winds Down the Supercar’s Production Run with A Track-Only Model

It's only fitting Ford ends the current GT where its legendary namesake began: in racing

The 2023 Ford GT Mk IV is the final, final version of the Blue Oval’s current supercar — and it won’t come cheap.

If you’re looking for one last road-going hurrah with the Ford GT, then you’ll have to pick up one of the hyper-rare GT LMs. This Mk IV version takes its name from the original 1967 GT40. As you probably guessed with that association (not to mention the car’s design), this car is strictly a track monster. As such, you’ll get a host of powertrain and suspension changes beyond what you’ll get with the standard supercar or any of its many special editions.

the 2023 Ford GT Mk IV takes on a longer wheelbase and aerodynamic tweaks over the GT’s last track-only model, the Mk II. Ford increased the displacement of its twin turbocharged EcoBoost engine for this application, as well. The company did not disclose how much larger it is, but the upshot comes with the output: over 800 horsepower. That’s substantially higher than the Mk II and the stock road-going models, and the changes didn’t stop there. Ford also gave this car a “racing transmission”, though again they did not elaborate on specific changes to handle the extra grunt. This Mk IV adopts Multimatic’s Active Spool Valve race suspension.

While it gets an all-new carbon fiber body and all those aero tweaks, it’s also unclear at the moment how much this Mk IV weighs compared to the Mk II or any of the GT’s previous special editions.

If you want one, Ford did share how much scratch you’ll need in your account. Only 67 Mk IVs will ever exist (again, a nod to the original), and each hand-built example will cost $1.7 million. It won’t be the rarest GT, granted, but it’s among the most expensive going by the “sticker price”.

Ford won’t sell the GT Mk IV directly. Instead, you can apply to buy one through this website, and Multimatic will handle sales and service for the vehicle. The 67 lucky buyers that make it through the process will see their Ford GT Mk IVs starting next spring.