Here It Is (Again): Yet MORE Teasing of the Turbocharged AWD Toyota GR Corolla!

Hey, we're just excited to see another hot hatch

Toyota GR Corolla teaser
Toyota GR Corolla TEASER image via: Toyota/Toyota USA Twitter

Gradually, almost to the point of annoyance – Toyota has slowly leaked images and details of their upcoming GR Corolla, and it confirms all-wheel drive (AWD).

Recently, we posted a story on an earlier leak that Toyota orchestrated regarding the upcoming GR Corolla. In that post, we spotted some clues alluding to its power, displacement and having AWD. If this information is correct, we expect the Toyota “Gazoo Racing” GR Corolla to have a screamer of a power-plant. We believe it will have a turbocharged, 268 horsepower (and 266 lb-ft of torque), 1.6-liter, inline four cylinder. All of that is connected to a six-speed manual transmission.

We apologize for the low resolution image, this is Toyota’s way of being cheeky about these teases.

Overseas, the Europeans already have a cousin of the GR Corolla – the GR Yaris. We expect that much of the mechanical and technical innards of the GR Yaris will migrate to the GR Corolla. That will (hopefully) include the Torsen limited-slip differentials in the front, and rear. On top of that, mit has an electronically controlled center differential.

Toyota GR Corolla Teaser
If you look carefully, you can find a few clues about the GR Corolla in this first teaser image.

We are chomping at the bit for a real hot-hatch from Toyota. While their current Corolla hatchback is a fine commuter, it lacks the oomph to make it competitive with Hyundai, Volkswagen, Honda and others. Word has it that, not only is the GR Yaris a beast, it’s a hoot to drive. The image below is from Toyota, and it shows the running gear from the current GR Yaris.

Image: Toyota

Toyota, on their U.S. website, teased us earlier with this statement:

While GR Yaris isn’t coming to the U.S., perhaps it’s time the U.S. got a Toyota hot hatch to call its own. One that continues to push the boundaries of performance. And one that can only come from TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. 

Toyota USA

Yea, we get the hint. Now, GIVE US THE CAR!