The 2020 LA Auto Show May Not Actually Happen Until May 2021, According To New Reports

That means we won't have an LA Auto Show this year, either

Looks like we won’t be reporting from LA this year.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has absolutely wreaked havoc on the 2020 auto show season. From Geneva to Detroit, shows all over the world have been cancelled, and it appears LA will not be an exception to the rule, at least as originally scheduled. Automotive News reports that it, like the other shows, will not take place this year.

The 2020 LA Auto Show was scheduled to take place between November 20 and 29.

Instead, it seems we’ll end up with something of an auto show blitz in 2021. Organizers are supposedly postponing the show until May 21-23, 2021. That would slot in between next year’s New York Auto Show and Detroit Auto Show (assuming all the 2021 shows happen on schedule). The event organizers are expected to officially announce that in the coming days according to the AutoNews report, as the show’s website still shows the November timeframe.

With LA’s abandonment, the 2020 Chicago Auto Show is the only major event in this year’s calendar to actually happen. Whether there will be two LA Auto Shows next year — one in May and one in November — is also up for debate at this time. Particularly as automakers shift resources in light of falling sales revenue, we may see a notable (and perhaps permanent) shift in the auto show season.

At any rate, it appears the 2021 calendar will be a busy one. After Chicago in February, we should have the Geneva Auto Show in March, New York Auto Show in April, the LA Auto Show in May and the Detroit Auto Show in June. The fall shows will follow those, including Frankfurt (September), Paris (October) and maybe LA again in November.

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