Jeep Teases Something “Grand” Is Coming — Will We See The Grand Cherokee Or Grand Wagoneer?

FCA (sort of) teased its next reveal, coming "soon"

Jeep Teases Something "Grand" Is Coming — Will We See The Grand Cherokee Or Grand Wagoneer?
[Photo: FCA]

We’ve seen the upcoming 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee out in the wild more often recently, and that usually means we are inching ever closer to an official debut. Jeep nebulously confirmed that Monday by posting that something “grand” is coming soon. They are no more specific than that, other than to post a definition of the word. You know, in case you weren’t aware.

We have seen what is supposedly the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee out and about lately. [Photo: TFLcar]

Most folks — especially those excited to see its inevitable return — would interpret this as a debut for the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. However, since FCA is being frustratingly cryptic here, it could also be a hint at the Jeep Grand Cherokee. You could reasonably argue the latter’s appearance is more likely, since we have seen its prototype silhouette traversing the landscape throughout the western U.S. and up in Michigan as recently as last week. That said, certain Ram-looking prototypes have also been out in the wild, and we’ve been seeing those more often as well in the past few months.

In short, which one of Jeep’s “Grand” models they’re referring to in the tweet below is anyone’s guess. However, both Grand Cherokee and Grand Wagoneer are on FCA’s roadmap for production launches within the next year or so. The Grand Wagoneer may enter production by summer 2021, while the Grand Cherokee will come later in the year. So, because the Grand Wagoneer is supposedly slated to enter production sooner, we may see that one first rather than the Grand Cherokee.

By “soon”, we expect FCA to actually tell us something official on one of these models in the coming weeks. We’re coming up on the Ram TRX debut, and once that passes Jeep is most like bringing at least one of these SUVs to the table in a virtual reveal.

We’ll post more updates as soon as they’re available, so stay tuned!