The Kawasaki Endeavor Has A Work-Around For ‘Unengaging’ Electric Bikes — Use A Manual Transmission

The aim is to make the bike just as involved as a conventional model

[Photos: Kawasaki]

Electrification is a promising development in transportation that promises acceleration unlike anything we’ve seen before, while also aiding emissions. Despite their advantages, battery-powered EVs gaining traction in the industry are leaving enthusiasts uneasy. Many of us worry that fun cars and fun bikes are going extinct. 

Kawasaki is working on its own electric bike to take on rivals like the Harley-Davidson and Zero EV motorcycles. To address the dreaded engagement issue, they’ve confirmed that the bike will stick with a manual transmission, rather than use single-speed drive.

Kawasaki designed the motorcycle, called Endeavor, as a track model. The four-speed manual transmission gives riders used to conventional bikes more natural control than ditching gears altogether, the company claims. They also said the Endeavor is relatively lightweight, although details are sparse as to exactly how that works out in the actual weight figures.

According to Visor Down, Endeavor offers approximately 26 horsepower and a four-speed transmission. 26hp is not a significant power figure, but the instant throttle response and electric torque should go a long way.

Some of the Endeavor’s parts are reported to be standard equipment from other Kawasaki models, however, this EV has very little in common with other bikes. If we’re all lucky, the Endeavor will start a new trend of fast-shifting, manual EV performance machines that don’t require a clutch.

Kawasaki confirmed their plans to manufacture electric motorcycles, and the Endeavor appears to be a step in the right direction. The timeline for its release has not been revealed, but Kawasaki is posting a series of teaser videos through their official YouTube channel. Hopefully, we’ll know more by the end of this year.

TFL is no stranger to electric motorcycles. Late last year, Alex had the chance to test out three at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California. Those bikes will be some of the Kawasaki Endeavor’s main rivals: the 2020 Zero SR/F, the 2020 Energica Ego+ and the Harley-Davidson LiveWire.