These Are The 5 Most Fuel-Efficient Small Crossovers You Can Buy In 2020

You can save even more money with cheap gas and a fuel-sipping car

The 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer is oner of the top 5 most efficient small crossovers.

Top 5 Most Efficient Small Crossovers

Recently, the EPA released official mpg numbers for the 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer. We noted that the numbers were impressive for a non-hybrid/non-EV based small crossover — especially one that has an all-wheel drive system. 

The 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer AWD with the turbocharged 3 cylinder, 1.3-liter and automatic 9-speed transmission got EPA ratings of 26 mpg city,  30 mpg highway and 28 mpg combined. That’s a decent return, and one that puts it right in the middle of the pack of the most fuel-efficient small crossovers.

There are two parts to this list: one is the ratings for all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles and the other for front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles. In some cases, there are no options for AWD or FWD, so these models are varied.

We are using the combined mpg as the determining factor for each vehicle. Also, the vehicles on this list are non-hybrid, non-diesel and non-EV crossovers. Just gas-powered.

Top 5 AWD small crossovers:

5. Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade: 26 mpg combined

4. Nissan Rogue Sport AWD: 27 mpg combined

3. Chevrolet Trailblazer AWD: 28 mpg combined) 

2. Honda HR-V AWD and Kia Seltos AWD: 29 mpg combined

1. Subaru Crosstrek (w/ CVT): 30 mpg combined

Top 5 FWD small crossovers:

5. Ford EcoSport FWD and Nissan Rogue Sport FWD (28 mpg combined) 

4. Toyota CH-R (29 mpg combined) 

3. Honda HR-V FWD (30 mpg combined) 

2. Kia Seltos FWD (31 mpg combined)

1. Hyundai Venue [CVT] (32 mpg combined)

Honorable mentions:   

While these cars aren’t on the top rung, these are how two other small cars stack up. The Ford EcoSport AWD and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport AWD manage 25 mpg combined.