BMW Kills Off The 3 Series GT, 6 Series Gran Coupe and 6 Series GT

The BMW 3 Series GT is one of many fastback designs that will go away for the 2020 model year. [Photo: BMW]

In a recent statement BMW based on their 2020 lineup, BMW indicated the the 3 Series GT, 6 Series GT and 6 Series Gran Coupe are all going to get the axe. According to BMW the 2020 model changes included the discontinuation of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, 6 Series GT and 3 Series GT.

The BMW X4, X6 and BMW 8 Series will be taking up the mantle respectively.

2018 BMW 640i Gran Turismo
BMW 6 Series GT [Photo: BMW]

Not very popular

Honestly, and this was not only the perspective of many automotive journalists, but consumes as well – the fastback styling ethos BMW adopted for these models was never loved. Many hated it, especially when compared to Audi/Volkswagen (and to a lesser degree, Mercedes-Benz) much more elegant take on the same theme. In some cases, it the design utterly vilified and points the finger at one of BMW’s current shortcomings: design.

It looks like BMW is having a hard time deciding what polarizing direction they wish to explore next. From massive grills to body shapes that are less shapely to some, BMW is exploiting uncharted territory. It’s hit or miss to many. With the lauded 8 Series, i8 and Z4 design – they seem to still know what is aesthetically pleasing.

Perhaps it’s the design?

Let’s face it, BMW’s design language has been somewhat inconsistent and the fastback design was bulbous, lacked beauty, limited backseat space and mitigated the utility gains of having a hatchback. At the very least, this type of design works better (for consumers) on crossovers and SUVs.

With that in mind, the BMW X4, X6 and the rumored BMW X8 will keep the useless fastback design.