This 2021 Acura MDX And TLX Leak Came From An Unlikely, Bizarre Source

Someone found these renderings in the RDX's software files

2021 Acura MDX rendering
If recently leaked photos are accurate, this is the 2021 Acura MDX. [Photos: Acurazine forum]

How did the 2021 Acura MDX and a new flagship sedan — or possibly the redesigned TLX — suddenly appear? The story goes: an Acura RDX owner was digging though images on the car’s head unit, loaded it into his Android developer toolkit, and what do you know? Suddenly, these images appeared. He posted the photos to the Acurazine website.

These appear to be images that will be standard in upcoming Acura models – in a year or so. Indeed, Acura did not mean for the general public to see these images just yet.

2021 Acura MDX rendering

Fortunately, the exterior and interior designs look pretty cool. If these turn out to be real representations, we’re in for some more good looking Acuras in the near future.

What we see on the 2021 Acura MDX

The Acura MDX looks like it has an all-new front end. Not just a redesigned grille — the whole nose is new. The section under the new grille is completely unique showing overlapping lines that feed into large air intakes. The headlights are even more aggressive looking. The rear end looks tighter and a bit more shapely than before.

2021 Acura MDX rendering

We get a nice peek at the interior of the MDX too. Apparently, the gauge cluster and ambient lighting color are meant to change depending on the drive mode. Speaking of drive mode, user RDX.god posted several images covering what could be all the possibilities. The drive modes supposedly range from Comfort to Normal, Slippery, Lift, Sport, Sport+, Snow and Personal. That’s a whole lot of choice, if those all find their way into the new MDX or Acura’s upcoming sedan.

Acura flagship sedan (new TLX?)

This shows some new Acura sedan — possibly the redesigned TLX.

This is a far less telling vehicle as it looks different than the sedans Acura currently carries. Different to the point that it doesn’t look like a replacement to the RLX – which is currently the flagship sedan. The rear glass doesn’t match the RLX at all.

Almost Italian-looking, this Acura flagship sedan is a vast improvement in exterior design.

Perhaps it’s a new TLX? If Acura really wanted to come out of left field, they may use this sedan to revive the old Legend nameplate.

We have no technical information, naturally, but we do know that Acura is rumored to be presenting a new flagship at Pebble Beach this August. Stay tuned for a lot more from Acura, including a behind-the-scenes with their racing team!

Speaking of Acura, check out the redesigned RDX below: