Check Out This Video Of The Volkswagen ID. R’s Record-Breaking Nurburgring Lap

The Volkswagen ID. R set a 6:05.336 lap time

The ID. R is the fastest electric car around the Nurburgring.

After setting a new fastest pace at Pikes Peak last year, Volkswagen brought the ID. R to its own back yard. The goal? To seize the fastest electric car lap from the NIO EP9, the previous record holder. And they did it, with a time of 6:05.336. The purpose-built race car handily beat the NIO by over 40 seconds.

Now, Volkswagen Motorsport published an on-board video showing just how Romain Dumas piloted the car around ‘the Green Hell’ on its record-breaking run. As you’d expect, the main takeaway is that Dumas’ run was very, very fast. More than that, his run was punctuated by the signature whine of the 670 horsepower electric powertrain driving the Volkswagen ID. R.

Volkswagen ID. R sets Nurburgring record
The Volkswagen ID. R set the new electric car lap record at the Nurburgring this week. [Photo: Volkswagen]

While the car topped out around 270 km/h — or 168 mph — the way at which it was able to gain and scrub off its speed is certainly impressive. The ID. R’s aerodynamics and the mountains of torque from its electric drivetrain kept up a high average speed. With that, Dumas was able to rocket through the corners.

Last year, the Volkswagen ID. R Pikes Peak managed a record-setting run of 7:57.148. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it blitzed another world-famous hill climb in just 43.86 seconds.

Check out Volkswagen’s full video above, as well as more about the Volkswagen ID. R itself during our time with it at Pikes Peak below: