Mini Vs. Mighty: Can A Suzuki Samurai Keep Up With A Lifted Jeep Wrangler When The Going Gets Sketchy?

Size isn't everything

Sometimes, size isn’t everything.

Surprise, surprise, if you take a two-doorJeep Wrangler JK and dump a fair bit into mods, you end up with a killer off-road vehicle. Such is the case with the Wrangler JK Andre borrowed from our friends and sponsors over at Bestop, which has a wide range of products for Jeeps and trucks. After a lift, 37-inch tires, a new bumper, lights, a winch, new top and replacement core doors, this JK is a respectable off-roading machine. Can our bone stock 1987 Suzuki Samurai keep up with the big boy on the Colorado trails? In this video, Tommy and Andre head into the mountains to find out.T

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By contrast, the 1987 Suzuki Samurai is sparse on off-road features. It does have four-wheel drive, but it also has open differentials at both ends. While it doesn’t have a fancy front bumper with a beefy winch installed, it does have its factory bull bar, if not secured very well. What the Suzuki also has on its side is a short wheelbase and a curb weight just over 2,000 pounds.

As it turns out, the little Samurai is surprisingly capable, if a bit worse for wear after taking on the same challenges as the Jeep. As you’d expect, the modified Jeep Wrangler JK has more comfortable suspension, better seats, and an on-board air supply. Mind you, our Suzuki cost just a little over $2,500 for the entire car. The Jeep alone, even buying used, costs several times more.