Almost Here: Tesla Teases The Model Y Before Thursday’s Official Reveal

Tesla Model Y
Tesla’s latest model will show itself soon. [Photo: Tesla]

Tesla will unveil the Model Y on Thursday, March 14.

Three days before its official reveal, Tesla dropped this teaser image of the Model Y crossover.

There’s not much more we can see at this point, apart from the signature Model 3-esque running lamps. This particular car has a blue paint scheme, and it has mirrors. Not terribly groundbreaking, we know, but all will be revealed on March 14.

One trick we normally use to flesh out some more details on a new car is brightening up the image. Of course, automakers think about that, so even doing that hardly reveals much. Tesla added a nice little Easter egg to their teaser though. If you try overexposing their teaser photo, it just says, “Nice Try.”

Touché, Tesla.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk did drop a few details last week via Twitter. He said it would be “about 10 percent bigger than a Model 3”, and it will also cost about 10 percent more. Going off that logic, the starting price for the Model Y will kick off somewhere around $40,000. Tesla will likely also offer it with similar powertrain options to the Model 3.

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The Model Y will reportedly share most of its components with the Model 3 sedan. [Photo: Tesla]

While the Model Y was originally slated to use its own architecture, it will instead ride on the Model 3’s platform. That’s nothing unusual in the automotive world, and it would allow Tesla to reduce their development costs. In a time when the company is considering closing stores and raising prices on its higher end cars, that’s a plausible explanation. Some reports suggest the Model Y could share up to 75 percent of its parts content with the Model 3 sedan.

Stay tuned to to find out more Thursday when the car is unveiled. In the meantime, check out more about the $35,000 Model 3 below: