Kia’s Sporty Electric Concept Looks A Bit Retro, And Quite Mean

At least by electric car standards

Kia Electric Concept teaser
This is Kia’s new electric concept — or at least what they want us to see so far. [Photo: Kia]

Kia’s showing the world its approach to EVs at the Geneva Motor Show.

For the past few years, Kia has been in the electric car game with the Soul EV. In fact, Kia just unveiled a new version of that car at the Los Angeles Auto Show back in December. It’s still a funky looking car, and it manages 243 miles of range. That’s fine, but in a rapidly changing landscape, it’s not enough. Far from just repurposing an existing model and removing its internal combustion engine, automakers are designing their own bespoke EV models. Kia will unveil this interesting looking electric concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Rather than building this electric concept as an out-and-out practical tool — like, say, a Nissan Leaf — Kia claims to have baked in a bit more soul, no pun intended. The company’s European design center in Frankfurt, Germany hatched up this car, which it describes as “a visual embodiment of the company’s desire to move forward in the exciting world of electrification.” Kia will unveil the car March 5 in Geneva.

On a personal note, that nose really struck me, more than the rest of the car. The running lights show a bit of “Tiger Nose” in the front end, but there’s something more. Weirdly, I’m also seeing a bit of 1960s Ford Thunderbird in that design. Two bulbous headlight assemblies joined together by a certain design element, whether that be a chrome piece on the grille and hood, or some LED running lights.

Yes, I have had my coffee this morning.

Either way, Kia’s concept looks mean

Unlike the more sedate electric designs of yesteryear — and even some current models — it’s nice to see automakers trying to evoke some sort of emotion out of an electric concept. Styling is a matter of personal taste, but this does look striking. The wide fenders and mean-looking face show something more than your typically battery-powered box.

We’ll have to wait and see what the entire picture looks like on March 5. In the meantime, we’ve just reviewed the more conventional, but no less funky-looking, Kia Soul GT-Line. Check that out below: