What Do You Get the Car Nut Who Has Everything? TFL’s Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide [Video]

Here are some ideas for the automotive enthusiast in your life

You know what time of the year it is – ’tis the season for giving. But what do you get the gear head in your life? Inspired by Automobile magazine, we scoured several sites to find the ten best car-themed gifts for this holiday season. If you’re struggling to find something and don’t want to break the bank, check out TFL’s top 10 holiday gift guide below!

Disclaimer: TFL is not sponsored by any of these companies or products.

10: Automotive Coasters – $13.60


Coasters are a useful tool to protect you furniture from condensation. So, why not make them automotive themed? We have found a few varieties online, including ones that look like rubber floor mats and mud flaps. This is on the lower end of the budget range, perfect for a stocking stuffer!

9: Drive Bin – $14.97

Nobody likes a messy interior, but having a snack inside your car is perfectly reasonable. The only downside is the trash that is left over. But, with the Drive Bin, every car has a convenient place to store your trash. This automotive trash bin is waterproof, and can be clipped onto your seats for easy placement.

8: Bluetooth Cassette Adapter – $20

Cars had cassette decks up until the mid-2000’s, so plenty of people still have one in their car. However, many people also listen to music on their smartphone. If your car doesn’t have a way to connect to you phone, you are stuck listening to cassette decks, or using some crappy sounding corded system. Unless you have a bluetooth cassette deck adapter. For $20, your gift recipient can listen to their own tunes, even with a cassette deck in their car.

7: Wireless Charging Phone Mount – $32.99

These days, more of us are getting phones with wireless charging capability. Plus, many manufacturers build wireless charging pads into their cars. If your car doesn’t have a wireless charging pad, you can’t make full use of this awesome new tech. Thankfully, some companies are now building phone mounts for your car, that have a wireless charging pad built in. This one happens to clip into your AC vents.

6: Race Track Art – $100-$200

There is plenty of wall art out there to represent your favorite race track. This puts a unique spin on it: a laser-cut sculpture. A company called LinearEdge makes such laser-cut race track sculptures, in a variety of tracks. You can even get your own custom track made, if you fancy.

5: OBDII Car Monitor – $129.95

We have long used OBDII ports to diagnose problems with our cars. Now, several companies make devices to log important car information where you can access it on your smartphone. Many companies like Automatic are coming up with apps that connect your phone to your car’s computer. The cool thing is that these apps can also alert emergency services in case of an accident, should you be unable to do that yourself.

4: Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitor – $150

Most modern cars now come with tire pressure monitoring systems from the factory. If you own an older car, however, you may be left guessing. Now, you can give any vehicle TPMS with this Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system. There are four valve caps that screw onto your normal tire valves. They send a bluetooth signal, with your tire pressures, to an app on your phone. This seems particularly useful for older off-road rigs, especially if you like to air down.

3: ‘Handpresso’ – $200

This is a portable espresso maker that can plug into your car’s 12V outlet. It allows you to make a nice cup of coffee from just about anywhere. I love coffee, and I definitely need it in the morning. Being able to make it in the car on the way to work saves me some time when I’m rushing out the door.

2: LEGO Bugatti Chiron – $350

Lego Technic sets are some of the most serious Lego kits you can buy. Our staff member Andre loves to build Legos with his son. If you know somebody who also loves to build Legos, why not buy them one of the most technical models, of one of the most technologically advanced cars in the world? It’ll only cost you $350.

1: Hellcrate Engine – $20,020

Mopar decided it was about time they sell the famous Hellcat engine as a performance crate motor. Now, you can buy the same 6.2-liter Supercharged HEMI that finds its way into every new Hellcat. It still makes 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. You’ll also need a transmission, which costs about $5,000, and the wiring and pedals, another $3,000. So, all in, you’re looking at somewhere closer to $28,000 all in. But, that’s a small price to pay for burnouts.

Bonus: TFL Swag – Priceless (not really)

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There are some of our favorite automotive gifts this holiday season! In case, you needed any more gift ideas. If you decided to buy any of these for your loved ones, tell us what you got in the comments below!

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