Watch Jeep Troll Kia in an Epic Halloween Commercial

Wow, Jeep trolls Kia in a Halloween commercial. In, what must be considered a brilliant bit of trolling, Jeep posted a commercial on Facebook that pokes fun of Kia. This is a response to the various commercials Kia has posted to demonstrate their off-road potential by scaling the obstacles of Hell’s Revenge in Moab, Utah.

A hamster daydreams of the challenge of going to Hell’s Revenge to attend a Halloween party. In this daydream, two “hamsters” (two actors wearing poorly made hamster masks) agonize at the prospect of having to take a Kia Sorento up Hell’s Revenge to the Halloween party. We see them replacing the wheels and tires, adding skid plates and removing the sway bars.

Finally, the defeated daydreaming hamster comes back to reality when his friend suggests they take his Jeep Grand Cherokee off-road. The end of the commercial sees the hamsters donning raccoon masks and heading off-road. Finally, we see the front of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk (on top of Hell’s Revenge) under a graphic that reads, “Jeep, Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. No modifications required.”

It’s all in good fun and proof that humor is alive and well in public relations!