Ford Teases Mach 1 Electric Crossover Concept, and It Definitely Looks Like a Mustang [News]

Ford Mach 1 EV concept
Ford’s Mustang-inspired electric crossover will arrive in 2020. [Photo: Ford]

Ford is not officially calling it the “Mach 1” at this point.

Despite the recent decision to all but drop the Mach 1 name, Ford is plowing ahead with its plan for a Mustang-inspired EV concept. Ford Team Edison is responsible for cooking up electric cars for Ford and Lincoln. Today, Ford released a teaser sketch of the concept, and one thing is unescapable. It definitely looks like a Mustang.

That’s no accident. Before we go further into the details, here’s a reminder of where Ford is heading from this year’s Detroit Auto Show:

The name itself was contentious, to say the least. Even more than that, though, will likely be the overall shape of the car itself. While the concept shows a design that’s unmistakably inspired by the Mustang, that may not translate well into a crossover shape. Some renderings out there show the performance electric crossover essentially as a Mustang on stilts. It’s too early to tell at this point, but we hope Ford doesn’t end up just building a taller coupe-like crossover.

Darren Palmer, global development product director for Ford’s Team Edison, weighed in on Ford’s future electric vehicles. “To be successful, this new team had to be willing to challenge every truth and every process we had developed over the course of our careers.” Ford plans to invest $11 billion in bringing 16 fully-electric cars, including this crossover, to market by 2022.

It will be interesting to see what they came up with when they officially take the wraps off this new crossover. Stay tuned to for more updates! Let us know what you think of this concept design in the comments below.